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  Name Description
KNV Front Diffusor 2 Front Diffusors (dark, white) for each module of the KNV System
PDP-2 & PDP-2 /S 16 A Power Distribution with three SCHUKO- and one16 A CEE outputs on the front- and six SCHUKO outputs on the backside. The /S version offers a...
AIR DOME 850 GLP Air Dome with 855 mm base diameter
Omega Bracket Omega Bracket for impression X4 and FUSION Exo Series products
JDC1 Accessories Accessories for JDC1 Hybrid Strobe
X4 L Filter Various Filter options for impression X4 L
Trussbar für impression X4 Trussbar for impression X4 incl. 2x Half Coupler
AIR DOME 400 GLP Air Dome with a 405 mm base diameter
AIR DOME 600 GLP Air Dome with 605 mm base diameter
Rain Cover Kit 400 The Raincover Kit 400 consists of the cover base 400 and a cover in the sizes S, M, L or XL