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  Name Description
impression FR1 TM Compact Moving Head, powerful 60 W RGBW LED, wide color spectrum, fits any ERCO and its any ERCO and compatible 3-phase tracks
VOLKS|LICHT Spot Equipped with a newly developed 300Watt RGB LED light engine is the Volkslicht Spot with the conventional 300/575W Moving Head class (discharge...
HIGHLANDER Wash Case Stack Case for 1x HIGHLANDER Wash
KNV PSU Rigging PSU for KNV Dot and KNV Line
X4 Bar Brackets Brackets for impression X4 Bar Series
impression X4 L Case 4 Stack Case for up to 4x impression X4 L
X4 Bar 10 DoccLight Frame DoccLight Frame for impression X4 Bar 10 / 20
impression Laser Der GLP impression Laser ist ein Pure Diode Laserprojektor in RGB und begeistert alle, die mit der Zeit gehen; jene, die immer einen Schritt voraus...
impression FR10 Bar Case 2 Stack Case for up to 2x impression FR10 Bar
JDC1 Case 6 Special Stack Case for up to 6x JDC1 as well as Accessories