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Solaris+ is an extremely cost effective way to furnish eye catching video and graphics effects in entertainment and architectural projects. The visual effect of the 40 mm diameter ‘pixel spheres’ is remarkable. 360° viewing allows designers to set their imagination free – place the viewers in amongst Solaris+, or even surround the audience with Solaris+. Solaris+ can be gathered up to form openings, hung in drapes or fixed to hoists to move the whole Solaris+ curtain in 3D space.


The basic element of Solaris+ is 40 mm diameter balls mounted at 120 mm centres on flexible rope. Ropes may be of any length up to a maximum of 8 m (64 balls). The rope can be curved or wound into any shape. When a number of ropes are hung at 120 mm centres, in line or in groups, Solaris+ will display G-LEC’s renowned Pixel Perfect video and graphics. There is no limit to the number of ropes that can be used in one installation.


Solaris+ shares the same control and video distribution technologies as Phantom and Chimera, making it possible to design an integrated media show using different display elements and textures with a single control and media input.



Technical Specifications

please see spec sheet below
120 mm between each ball in-line
16 million, 24 bit full color