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Phantom 30 SMD


The Phantom 30 consists of a number of 1m2 aluminium frames carrying the display pixels. The frames are powered externally by power supply units that can be located separately from the frames. Control is from a Drive Box that is configured by a PC or laptop with configuration software.

Content and external media sever are supplied by the client.


Each 1m x 1m frame carries 32 translucent polycarbonate tubes, each holding 32 ultrabright LED pixels at a pitch of 30mm. Each fram may be connected to other frames, using the patented QuickLock system, or fixed separately.


The DVI input is transmitted to the configured display positions at full video speed via fibre optic cables which are daisychained between frames.


Because G-LEC display equipment is used daily in the demanding conditions found on stages and in studios around the world, the technology, both hardware and software, is designed to be hardwearing and robust. G-LEC uses high specification cables, connectors and electronic and mechanical components to ensure the reliability needed for large live performances.

Phantom 30 SMD


Technical Specifications

  • Visual, audio and wind 60%
Each frame: 0.96 x 0.96m
Tube Diameter
Frame: 8kg
Pixel pitch
30 mm / 1.18 in
1024 pixel / frame - 1111 pixel / m2
Luminance (cd/m2)
2470 nits
Pixel luminous intensity/pixel
(SMD-RGB) 2230 mcd
16 million, 24 bit full color
Angle of viewing
50% brightness: 120° horizontal / 120° vertical
Viewing Distance
Recommended minimum to view graphics: low resolution: 4m, good resolution: 20m
Power consumption
420W per frame
Video Input
Any frame can be defined to be at any position on a virtual plane, defined by the configuration software.
DVI In and amplified DVI Out for Drive Box daisy-chain connection USB interface
Operating conditions
Operating temp.: -25˚C to 70˚C
Tube material: polycarbonate
Electronics housed inside frames and tubes
No fan