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  Name Description
X4 atom Accessories various helpful Accessories for X4 atom
X4 Bar Accessories Various Filter and Brackets for impression X4 Bar Series
X4 Bar 10 DoccLight Frame DoccLight Frame for impression X4 Bar 10 / 20
KNV PSU Rigging PSU for KNV Dot and KNV Line
X4 Bar Brackets Brackets for impression X4 Bar Series
KNV Front Diffusor 2 Front Diffusors (dark, white) for each module of the KNV System
Selflock Hook 50 mm Selflock Hook für die impression X4 Bar Serie
Half Coupler Half Coupler for impression FR1 and impression X4
KNV Accessories Various helpful Accessories for KNV System
Safety Saveking® 4 mm Safety Wire with 4 mm thickness for HIGHLANDER Wash