GLP impression X4 Extra for LG

At the recent CES in Las Vegas, rgb used over 150 impression X4 with a very special feature

Electronics group LG this year presented their innovations across more than 2,000 square meters of floor space at the CES in Las Vegas. Lighting designer and planners for rigging and lighting of the gigantic trade fair display was once again rgb GmbH, with Lucas Conradi on site as project manager.

The rgb office, which recently opened in the US (studio rgb Atlanta llc.), had successfully bid for the contract. After a successful first project at the Internationale Funkausstellung 2016 in Berlin, CES was the second collaboration between rgb and the electronics giants.

One of the most exciting challenges for this trade fair appearance was to realize the homogeneous illumination of the large façades. "My first choice for this was originally the impression X4 L", says Dirk Feuerstein, CEO of rgb, and the lighting designer responsible.

"In fact, these particular fixtures were not available in the required quantity in the USA. The beam shaper in the impression X4 L would have been exactly the tool I needed to implement my ideas.” However, one solution was quickly found: together with the technology service provider PRG and GLP, an asymmetrical shaper for the impression X4 was developed without further ado and pressed into action at the CES.

"I have known the impression X4 series for some time now and appreciate the reliability and the light quality of these lamps," continues Dirk Feuerstein. "They are simply reliable workhorses that always do the job. And since there isn’t really a satisfactory alternative on the market for the impression X4 L beam shaper, we were faced with a challenge. It was our good fortune that we have a great contact person at GLP in Oliver Schwendke, who was able to offer a quick solution together with PRG as a technology service provider.”

In addition to the 150 impression X4, LG also used 36 smaller impression X4 S—installed in the ceiling of a light tunnel; these ultra-compact moving heads were used to illuminate exhibits as well as various moderators’ positions.

So Dirk Feuerstein can look back with satisfaction on a good start to 2018 at the end of CES. "The customer was extremely satisfied," he says. "This project was a big and important step for the new Atlanta office."

The next shows from rgb and Dirk Feuerstein are now awaited with keen anticipation, in particular after their successful work on the Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Skoda stands at the recent Geneva Motor Show where the GLP impression series were heavily featured.