ETC Europe backs weatherproof FUSION Exo series from GLP

More than 60 of the versatile outdoor moving lights ensure flexibility

Entertainment Technology Concepts GmbH (ETC Europe) is a leading supplier of LED technology with a strong foothold in the TV business. For its own projects, the company, with branches in Erkrath and Brunswick, invested in the FUSION Exo series from GLP in the spring. All three models in the series of weatherproof moving lights – Spot, Beam and Wash – are now available from ETC Europe.

The compact devices were used for the first time during the Full Metal Cruise 2022. This project was also one of the decisive factors for the investment, as Michael Casper, key account manager at ETC Europe, explains: “The Exo fixtures were put to work straight away on the Full Metal Cruise score in two locations: with IP65 on the outdoor stages and with their very low power consumption on two indoor stages. The latter have repeatedly presented us with great challenges in the past, since the power supply there was always very complex. This year, thanks to the Exos, we got by with far less electricity, so we had a lot less trouble and still got super bright output on both stages.”

Michael Casper first became aware of the FUSION Exo series at the last GLP Open Day in Karlsbad. “As LED specialists, we always need more lighting in our inventory – as long as it’s the right thing. When I first saw the FUSION devices I was immediately enthusiastic,” he continues. “They fit perfectly into our portfolio, in which we primarily need workhorses for our own events. With three devices from one series, the colour mix also harmonises extremely well.”

An inventory comprising 26 each of the Exo Spot 30 and Exo Wash 30, as well as 14 Exo Beam 10, are now available at ETC Europe. With the FUSION Exo series, GLP offers powerful moving lights with IP65 classification and plenty of features in an extremely compact form factor. The Exo Spot 30 features a highly efficient 230 W, 7,500 K white light LED engine and CMY colour mixing and a zoom range of 7°–30°. The Exo Wash 30, on the other hand, has seven 40 W, 7,500 K RGBW LEDs, from which it generates a powerful, bright beam with a wide colour spectrum, ranging from delicate pastel tones to clear, saturated colours. The zoom range of the Exo Wash 30 is continuously variable from 4°–40°. The single pixel control allows a variety of creative effects.

With a beam angle of only one degree, the Exo Beam 10 provides output from a highly efficient 90 Watt LED engine with a colour temperature of 7,500 K, which can also be projected over long distances. The interplay of the 160mm front lens and the super-fast pan/tilt can be used to create incredible mid-air effects both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to this year’s Full Metal Cruise, the new devices have already been used at the Reload Festival and in some TV productions.

“So far we have been completely satisfied with the new series,” says Casper, who has enjoyed close cooperation with GLP in general and with Andreas Brandt and Oliver Schwendke in particular for many years. “We are also grateful for the prompt delivery. Immediately after ordering, we received a first part of the fixtures directly from stock, with the rest following just four weeks later. Nothing is to be taken for granted these days.”