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FUSION Stick FS20 Case 4 Stack Case for up to 4x FUSION FS20, with or without wheels
FUSION PAR FP7 Case 10 Stack Case for up to 10x FUSION PAR FP7, with or without wheels
FUSION Exo Spot 30 IP65 Moving Head Spot, 230 W 7.500 K White Light LED Engine mit CMY Farbmischung, 7 – 30° Zoom
FUSION Stick Accessories Diverses hilfreiches Zubehör für FUSION Stick FS10 und FS20 sowie FS16 Z
FUSION Stick Kabel LinkCable and Extension Cable for FUSION Stick FS10 and FS20; IP65
FUSION MBL Accessories Barndoors and Gel Frames for FUSION MBL 20 and MBL 40
Omega Bracket (Outdoor) Omega Bracket for FUSION Exo Series products
FUSION Exo Spot Case 2 Stack Case für insgesamt 2x FUSION Exo Spot 30
FUSION X-Par 12 Z  Die zukunftssichere Weiterentwicklung des LED-PAR-Scheinwerfers.
FUSION SimpleDesk 19" 24 Kanal DMX Steuerpult