Tech News 2023/03/27 [impression X5 Series V1.0.1]

Tech News 2023/03/27 [impression X5 Series V1.0.1]
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‍Tech News - 2023/03/27

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Please find important technical information below.

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impression X5 Series Software Update

Main changes from V0.14.5 to V1.0.1

  • Updated Color Calibration (4.5.0) (via iQ.Service App)
  • Added iQ.Gamut Color selection: Full, Rec.2020, Rec709, DCIP3.65
  • Added: Dimmer Curves Linear and S-Curve
  • Added and adjusted Fan Modes. Regulated Mode will be much more quite and turn off all fans when LEDs off and the temperature allows fans off.
  • Added: PWM Settings
  • Added: Hibernate : Caution, fixture needs wakeup via DMX or power-cycle to leave hibernate.
  • Added: Advanced Service Menu: Job Offsets ( Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
  • Added: RDM : Set Factory Default Settings
  • Added: RDM : Get Fixture Serial Number


  • Fixed: Color Mixing: Previous Color Calibration version could lead to color and intensity jumps
  • Fixed: Increased Zoom Speed in Normal Performance Mode back to normal speed (faster).
  • Fixed: iQ.Mesh: Activate iQ.Mesh via DMX Control Channel, as long as the DMX Slot (012-013) is selected. When the slot is not selected anymore a 5 minute timeout starts after which the iQ.Mesh module will fall asleep.
  • Fixed: Update via iQ.Service App works fast as supposed to be. Unfortunately after this update ..
  • Changed: No Signal Mode: Default is now DMX-Hold


Fixtures need 4 updates.  One after the other.

Via D3Prog / RS485/ DMX

1. Update the new Main Bootloader V1.0.0 via DMX/RS485 via D3Prog (impression-X5_1.0.0_BOOTDMX.bin) 

2. Update the new Main Application V 1.0.1 via DMX/RS485 via D3Prog (impression-X5_1.0.1_DMX.bin)

Change the Control Protocol in the Protocol Setup Menu to iQ.Mesh:

Update via iQ.Service App:

3. Update the iQ.Mesh Version to  V5.0.31

4. Update the Color Calibration  to V4.5.0 

If you have fixtures below version 0.14.5 or just an older set bootloaders:

It could occur that after the BL update (step 1) the fixture needs about 5 minutes to prepare all internal updates with its display off. Please do allow the fixture these 5 minutes before proceeding with the main update step 2, while display is off still.

The display will come back automatically during step 2.

The first two updates can be done via DMX, D3Prog, daisy chain.

When importing the bin files to a D3Prog make sure that you choose the file type „BIN“ before uploading the file to the programmer.

Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line and  fixtures Control Protocol is set to DMX for step 1 and step 2 and iQ.Mesh ( iQ.Data)  for step 3 and step 4. Do set to iQ.Mesh via Protocol setup menu, only!

All fixture settings will perform a reset to factory defaults after the main application update (step 2), if updateing from 0.X.X to 1.X.X

After step 4 remember to change back the Protocol Data In to DMX..


‍This update is show critical as pattern, dimming, colormix and shutter behavior is changed and should not be done on site. 


‍impression-X5_1.0.0_BOOTDMX.bin (provided via website/download)

impression-X5_1.0.1_DMX.bin (provided via website/download)

iQ.Mesh V5.0.31 (included in iQ.Service App)

ColorCalibration V4.5.0 (included in iQ.Service App)


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