GLP DoP Converter UM

With the new DoP Converter (DMX over Powerline), GLP is offering a unique system that can transmit up to 10 DMX universes via a single power cable.

DoP can be used wherever DMX data is to be transmitted, but laying separate DMX lines is either not possible or not economical. GLP is thus providing a sensible alternative to standard wireless connections (WDMX, CRMX, etc.) that are sometimes susceptible to interference when each requires transmitter and receiver, and can be subject to severe limitations of the locally-available radio network.

GLP’s DoP is therefore particularly suitable for integration into existing infrastructure within the entire architectural lighting sector, especially in historic buildings, with existing power rail systems (e.g. museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants and retail) as well as in the lighting of public spaces.

With the new GLP DoP Converter, DMX signals can be sent over the existing power line or an existing power rail system without having to lay an additional data line or double-occupy an existing data line. With this technology, the DMX signal is modulated onto existing power lines and immediately evaluated by the fixture. It is irrelevant whether the devices to be controlled are in direct line of sight or behind thick concrete walls. To feed in and output the DMX signal, the DoP converter only needs to be connected to the same power line as the lights to be controlled and connected to the DMX controller.

If the GLP DoP Converter is set to TX mode (transmitter mode), it modulates the 512 DMX channels of a DMX universe onto the connected power line. In RX mode (receiver mode) it converts the modulated DMX universe back from the connected power line and offers 24, 128 or 512 DMX channels at one of the three DMX outputs. By simply coupling the DoP converter, up to 10 universes can be sent over a power line and decoupled at any point.

GLP DoP Converter UM (Universal Mount) was specially developed for universal installation between ceilings or walls and for individual requirements. The compact housing enables simple surface mounting in all conceivable applications.

There are three different license models available. While all three license versions allow the DMX-to-DoP conversion (TX) of a full 512 DMX channels, the reconversion from DoP to DMX is divided into three license levels:

• The RX024 version enables conversion of up to 24 DMX channels
• The RX128 version of up to 128 DMX channels
• The RX512 version of up to 512 DMX channels

The GLP installation FR1 TM DoP, a moving head directly compatible with the new DoP technology, is already available for operation on a power rail.


SKU Name Description
78162 GLP DoP Converter TX512/RX024 UM transmits 512 channels, receives 24 channels
78172 GLP DoP Converter TX512/RX128 UM transmits 512 channels, receives 128 channels
78182 GLP DoP Converter TX512/RX512 UM transmits 512 channels, receives 512 channels
DoP Converter UM Standard



  • DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
  • RDM (ANSI/ESTA E1.20)
  • GLP DoP Protocol
Function Modes
  • TX (Transmitter / DMX to DoP Conversion)
  • RX (Receiver / DoP to DMX Conversion)
Setting and addressing
  • control panel with backlit graphic display
  • 2 Button Control


Signal connection
  • Metz-Connect PT116xxHBBN 2-pole
Power input
  • Metz-Connect PT116xxHBBN 2-pole

Electrical Specifications

Power input/output
  • 85 – 305 V AC nominal, 47/63 Hz
Power supply
  • auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
DoP Signal Frequence Range
  • 4 – 28 MHz
typ. Power (@ 230V)
2 W
Electrical Protection
  • Overload potection

Thermal Specifications

  • Convection cooling
max. ambient temperature (Ta max.)
70 °C / 158 °F
min. ambient temperature (Ta min.)
-20 °C / -4 °F

Mounting Options

  • Desktop or surface mounting
  • any
  • dry


Housing Color
  • light gray
Housing Material
  • high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
Protection Rating
  • IP 20
Construction Features
  • Surface mounting with option included wall mount accessory

Dimensions & Weight

47 mm / 1.85 in
87 mm / 3.43 in
125 mm / 4.92 in